Introduction EOS Tokens DEX — First listing free onchain limit trading.

EOS Tokens — First listing free onchain limit trading.

The service allows seamless trading of any tokens based on the eosio contract.token, the interface has a function for self-creation of the market.

By looking at all available exchanges on EOS, the user can find that any exchange requires a token listing. This can impose restrictions on both users and application creators. From my point of view, the exchange should be free and not controlled by anyone.

  1. No control of listing. You can list any token by your self, for free.
  2. Fully onchain matching.
  3. Trade by limit/market.
  4. No fees for beta release time.
  5. The ui web app interact with nodes api directly, without any backend service.
  1. Early investors in tokens.
  2. Traders.
  3. Applications that are not willing to pay for a listing.
  4. Gateways which trade pegged assets.
  1. UI and contract sources will be published on GitHub.
  2. UI Features & Improvements.
  3. Trade history graph.

Please leave any feedback here or in telegram group. I would appreciate it very much 🙏

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