Introduction EOS Tokens DEX — First listing free onchain limit trading.

EOS Tokens — First listing free onchain limit trading.

The service allows seamless trading of any tokens based on the eosio contract.token, the interface has a function for self-creation of the market.

By looking at all available exchanges on EOS, the user can find that any exchange requires a token listing. This can impose restrictions on both users and application creators. From my point of view, the exchange should be free and not controlled by anyone.

Key features:

  1. No control of listing. You can list any token by your self, for free.
  2. Fully onchain matching.
  3. Trade by limit/market.
  4. No fees for beta release time.
  5. The ui web app interact with nodes api directly, without any backend service.

User audience:

  1. Early investors in tokens.
  2. Traders.
  3. Applications that are not willing to pay for a listing.
  4. Gateways which trade pegged assets.


  1. UI and contract sources will be published on GitHub.
  2. UI Features & Improvements.
  3. Trade history graph.


Please leave any feedback here or in telegram group. I would appreciate it very much 🙏




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