update v2, new trading opportunities and design

Dear users! This article describes the main changes of that were implemented at the end of this year.

List of changes(in short):

  1. Trading to any base token USDT/pBTC/pETH etc…
  2. Updated design and night theme.
  3. Update the trading window in real time.
  4. Documentation Page:
  5. The wallet page where you can manage your tokens and NFT cards.


My old friend @cryptninja, a talented developer, designer and crypto enthusiast, joined the project! In cooperation with him, an updated design for the platform, a logo and, at the request of many users, a night theme was developed. We are also currently working on updating the design for:
1. The mobile version
2. OTC / NFT platforms.
3. DeFi and other integrations such as pTokens (link).


A live update feature was implemented, so that users could see changes in the trading window in real time (live-update). Now is a complete trading platform with a user-friendly interface and chart.

Added support for trading to any base token.
This makes it possible to trade tokens to linked assets such as USDT, pBTC, pETH. For example, you can trade EOS/BTC and all this without transaction fees while being decentralized, and safe.

I would like to express my gratitude to the community that show its opinion in the telegram chat. And pays attention to those parts of the project that need to be improved! Your help is of great importance in the development of the project, any idea aimed at improving or adding new functionality can be considered and implemented.

The project’s attendance statistics are steadily growing, which means that all the most interesting things are yet to come!

Now that the technical part of the exchange is working and has proven itself well in real trading, the focus will shift to integrating DeFi projects and attracting liquidity to the project. It is planned to develop a system to reward liquidity providers and share the exchange’s income back to users.

We are open for cooperation with any projects and are waiting for your suggestions for integrations! And looking forward to receive your feedback or suggestions.


Twitter: @avral_pro




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