The update

3 min readMay 19, 2020


In this article, I will explain the main directions of the project development and updates that have been implemented on

Project name

Due to the growth of the exchange and the addition of support for several blockchains, it was decided to name the project after the star discovered by ancient Arab scientists: meet Alcor!

About the project

For new users, short information: is a DEX provides limit/market trading(onchain matching) with zero fee, implemented entirely on contracts, with the ability to independently open new markets, without the need to ask listing permissions(as on regular “ DEX” like NewDex). This is convenient for young, small projects that are just starting their way in the crypto space, they do not risk getting delisted if trading volumes are low(this kills user involvement in the crypto space).


Thanks to an initiative from the community to add Topps GPK Packs tokens on the WAX blockchain, Alcor currently ranks first among dApps in terms of trading volume with an average of $ 20,000 of volume per day. plans to develop as a project from the community, which means that instead of merging with a separate block producer or joining an existing brand, the project will collaborate with different projects for the benefit of users and develop in a way chosen by a vote of the community using the project.

The community has provided great support to the project, helping to identify bugs, offering integrations and features, recommending the project and actively communicating in telegram chat for which thank everyone who takes part in the development of the project 🙏🏻


A lot of work has been done, the contract code has been optimized, and here are some of the significant changes:

  • Updated the trading window.
  • Completely redesigned mobile version of the app.
  • Alcor is integrated on WAX, TELOS, BOS, and Coffe.
  • OTC is integrated into the interface(Onchain service for p2p token exchange).
  • Support for the Wax Cloud Wallet for the WAX blockchain and TokenPocket to support mobile platform users.
  • Added support for wallets of the old version of the Scatter protocol (Sqrl wallet).
  • Precision conversion has been Implemented, now you can create markets for a token with any precision.
  • Free CPU program for EOS chain users!
  • Many API requests that take time are now cached (accelerated).
  • Added support for output of linked TLOSP and BTCP tokens from the Steem-Engine project.
  • Increased the maximum value of the possible price(int128) for an order(convenient for blockchains with a low price of the system token).

Future plans

  • Adding popular tokens for integrated chains.
  • Update the design to a more convenient, feedback is welcome.
  • Integration of authorization methods for new wallets.
  • Market reputation System (trading token) based on the vote of onchain users, development of methods for detecting Scam projects, suggestions are welcome.