The update

Project name

About the project



  • Updated the trading window.
  • Completely redesigned mobile version of the app.
  • Alcor is integrated on WAX, TELOS, BOS, and Coffe.
  • OTC is integrated into the interface(Onchain service for p2p token exchange).
  • Support for the Wax Cloud Wallet for the WAX blockchain and TokenPocket to support mobile platform users.
  • Added support for wallets of the old version of the Scatter protocol (Sqrl wallet).
  • Precision conversion has been Implemented, now you can create markets for a token with any precision.
  • Free CPU program for EOS chain users!
  • Many API requests that take time are now cached (accelerated).
  • Added support for output of linked TLOSP and BTCP tokens from the Steem-Engine project.
  • Increased the maximum value of the possible price(int128) for an order(convenient for blockchains with a low price of the system token).

Future plans

  • Adding popular tokens for integrated chains.
  • Update the design to a more convenient, feedback is welcome.
  • Integration of authorization methods for new wallets.
  • Market reputation System (trading token) based on the vote of onchain users, development of methods for detecting Scam projects, suggestions are welcome.




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