Alcor Exchange — Meet the best DEX Trading experience!

3 min readMay 8, 2022


In short: the trading UI has been completely redesigned, many convenient features, improvements and optimizations have been added.

Updates included:

  • Updated mobile trading UI
  • Grid system for trading tools
  • Open orders and execution history right on the chart
  • Depth-chart and an improved orderbook
  • Order management of all pairs from Open orders
  • Additional Orderbook/times & sales/chart settings
  • Market, swap, trading window pages speed optimisations
  • Interactive chart orders that can be fully adjusted.

Let’s look at the improvements in more detail below.

Customizable grid system

There are a lot of traders and each of them is unique. Everyone has their own trading style and methods of working with a trading platform.

Based on the users’ wishes, our designer came up with a special solution that gives a better experience to every user’s needs.

The idea is to provide users with the ability to fully organize the location of trading tools on the trading screen. A grid system is used for this.

You will now be able to adjust the width and height of any section in the trading interface (chart, order form, times and sales, orderbook, etc.).

The standard “Classic” layout is also available, without the grid functionality.

Settings of trading tools

Some trading tools have received a settings option to configure the new functionality. For example, highlighting orders exceeding the specified amount of volume.

Managing orders & execution history on the chart.
By popular request we have added order management directly on the chart. Now you can change the price or close orders, right from the chart without needing to do so from the Open orders section.

Redesigned order management menu
Now you will be able to see orders from all market pairs in one place. The menu has become wider and now includes the display of all token balances.
You can also quickly switch to markets by clicking on the pair.

Mobile version improvements

We’ve made it more user-friendly and intuitive, as well as with some new features, like market depth.

Free transactions for WCW!
Also a small bonus in that we have added a completely free CPU for transactions for Wax Cloud Wallet!


We are very grateful to the community for their help in developing a new UI, especially to everyone who is active in our Telegram. Your opinion is very important to us and the future development of Alcor, so do not hesitate to ask questions and express your ideas for improving the experience or about bugs you have identified.