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Dear users! This article describes the main changes of that were implemented at the end of this year.

  1. Trading to any base token USDT/pBTC/pETH etc…
  2. Updated design and night theme.
  3. Update the trading window in real time.
  4. Documentation Page:
  5. The wallet page where you can manage your tokens…

This article is intended to explain how Alcor DEX contracts and IBC can work together to benefit the EOSIO community. And how you can already use this in the current UI.

The article will consist of two parts: Theoretical information about BOS IBC/HUB, and the second part, which will contain…

In this article, I will explain the main directions of the project development and updates that have been implemented on

Project name

Due to the growth of the exchange and the addition of support for several blockchains, it was decided to name the project after the star discovered by ancient Arab…

EOS Tokens — First listing free onchain limit trading.

The service allows seamless trading of any tokens based on the eosio contract.token, the interface has a function for self-creation of the market.

By looking at all available exchanges on EOS, the user can find that any exchange requires a token…


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